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The Workshop on Sound Management of Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) took place on 24-25 February 2016 in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Press Note
Final Agenda (English and Spanish)

List of Participants


Goal and Objectives of the Workshop (Wednesday 24th February 2016)

The overall goal of the workshop is to advance international analysis, commitment and action to address the challenges associated with the management and recycling of ULAB.

Specific objectives of the workshop are the following:

  • Review the current situation on the international movement, management and recycling of ULAB, and associated environmental and health risks in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Colombia.
  • Exchange information on the government policies and stakeholder actions to address these risks.
  • Review the impact of the previous strategy on ESM of ULAB.
  • Review a proposed revised strategy on ESM of ULAB.
  • Identify potential future UNEP activities towards the environmentally sound management of ULAB.
  • Finalize a draft report on proposed UNEP action to promote sound management of ULAB, which will be presented to the United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA).



Introduction on the background and objectives of the Workshop
(Chemicals and Waste Branch and Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNEP)

Trade of ULAB and environmental/health impact, including information on illegal operations
(Mr. Brian Wilson, International Lead Management Centre)

The Regional Strategy on ESM of ULAB and its implementation in Central America and the Dominican Republic during 2002 to present
(Mr. Miguel Araujo, BCRC-CAM)

The Basel Convention Technical Guidelines on Environmentally Sound Management and Recycling of ULAB and its corresponding Manual
(Mr. Miguel Araujo, BCRC-CAM)

The Benchmark Tool on ESM of ULAB
(Mr. Brian Wilson, ILMC)

The Green Lead Award
(Mr. Miguel Araujo, BCRC-CAM)

The benefits and challenges of Acumuladores Iberia ULAB recycling model of ESM+Cleaner Production
(Mr. Luis Marroquin, Plant Manager Acumuladores Iberia ULAB Recycling Facility)

National Perspectives on ULAB Management
(Central American countries and Mexico)

Proposed Revised Strategy on ESM of ULAB
(Mr. Miguel Araujo, BCRC-CAM)

Proposed new UNEP activities on ULAB in Latin America
(Chemicals and Waste Branch and Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNEP)

Summary of the workshop

Evaluation of the workshop
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