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PAG 4 meeting documents



Fourth Partnership Advisory Group Meeting 


UNEP Global Mercury Partnership

Rome, 27-28 September 2012  

PAG.4/1 - Provisional Agenda Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc 

PAG.4/2 - Updated Partnership areas business Plans   Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc 

 - Report on progress within the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership  Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc

PAG.4/4 - Report on activities within the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc

PAG.4/5 - Independent evaluation of the Artisanal and small scale gold mining partnership area Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc 

PAG.4/6 - Communication strategy for the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc 

Information documents

PAG4_inf1 - Reporting of the mercury emissions from coal partnership area Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc 

PAG4_inf2 - Reporting of the mercury chlor-alkali partnership area  Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc

PAG4_inf3 - Reporting of the mercury waste partnership area  Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc

PAG4_inf4 - Reporting of the mercury fate and transport partnership areaFinal_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc

PAG4_inf5 - Reporting of the mercury in products partnership area Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc

PAG4_inf6 - Reporting of the ASGM partnership area   Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc

PAG4_inf7 - Reporting of the mercury supply and storage partnership area  Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc 

PAG4_inf8 - Meeting report PAG3 Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc 

Meeting Report  Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc

List of participants