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Fifth meeting of the Partnership Advisory Group


Photo Courtesy: www.edinburghskeptics.co.uk

The fifth meeting of the Partnership Advisory Group was held on the 27th July 2013 in Edinburgh,Scotland.

Background information for PAG 5 is available here

The Final Report is available here.

Further Resources

Meeting Documents


PAG.5.1 Provisional Agenda Business Plan

PAG.5.2 Annotated AgendaBusiness Plan 

PAG 5.3 Report on activities and future plans of the GMP Business Plan

Information Documents

PAG5 INF1 Advanced agreed text of the Minimata Convention on Mercury

PAG5 INF2 Updated business plans Business Plan

PAG5 INF3 Meeting ReportPAG4 Business Plan  

PAG5 INF4 Overall Progress of the United Nations Environmental Programme Global Mercury Partnership from June 2010 to July 2012 Business Plan 

PAG5 INF5 Measuring global progress towards a transition away from mercury use in artisanal and small scale gold mining 

PAG5 INF6 UNEP Global Mercury Partnership Communication Strategy  Business Plan

List of Participants