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Waste Management Project

This project deals with the management of mercury and mercury-containing waste and will contribute to the UNEP priority area on harmful substances and hazardous waste under its Medium Term Strategy with the ultimate goal of minimizing the impact of harmful substances and hazardous waste to the environment and human beings.

The objectives of the project, which is executed by Chemicals Branch and funded by the Government of Norway, are:

(1) to increase the technical capacity of selected countries and other stakeholders in assessing, managing and reducing the risks to human health and the environment posed by mercury and mercury-containing waste, and in doing so,

(2) to test the applicability of the Draft Technical Guidelines on Environmentally Sound Management of Mercury Waste

This project builds on the results of the national mercury inventories that have been developed using the "UNEP Toolkit for Identification and Quantification of Mercury Releases."

Participating countries are Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Chile, Pakistan, and Philippines.

Global activities

National workshops and activities:

This project will be complemented by a "sister" project presently developed by the Secretariat of the Basel Convention involving four countries from the Latin American region (GRULAC).