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Submissions for INC 1

Information submitted in response to the request for further information.

Submissions from Governments
Information on mercury
Information on mercury
Actions on mercury in Bahrain
Mercury Information in Botswana
Status Update Of Mercury Devices Substitution In The Health Sector - São Paulo – Brazil/January/2010
Summary report of studies and assessment on mercury developed in Brazil
Inventory Hg Chile:
National Mercury Risk Management Plan:
Mercury Projects
Releases mercury continental and marine waters
Información presentada por el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente de Colombia
Estado Del Conocimiento De Las Concentraciones De Mercurio Y Otros Metales Pesados En Peces Dulceacuícolas De Colombia
Key information on mercury
Major activities on mercury in Cyprus
National actions taken to control mercury
Mercury related information in Ecuador
Information on mercury in Ghana
Mercury related information in Hungary
Mercury related information in Lebanon
Synthèse des données nationales relatives au mercure
Executive Summary – Mexico’s Mercury Releases Inventory
Informe Sobe El Mercado De Mercurio En México
Mexican Mercury Market Report
Reports of the UN experts' mission to Khongor sum, Darkhan-Uul aimag
Mongolia – Mercury information
Proposals for activities in 2010
Impact of a General Ban on Mercury in Products
Workplan for inventory project
Information from Peru on mercury
Information from the competent authorities in Qatar
Information and national or regional action
Spanish information on the UNEP DTIE questionnaire on mercury 
The Swedish Government chemicals policy
Mercury substitution priority working list: An input to global considerations on mercury management
The Chemical Products (Handling, Import, and Export Prohibitions) Ordinance (1998:944)
Socio-economic costs of continuing the status-quo of mercury pollution
Sources d’information sur le mercure
Turkey’s position on mercury
Information Sources on Mercury Submitted by United States
Management of Mercury, Mercury Compounds and Waste in Venezuela
Instrumentos Jurídicos Nacionales para la Gestión del Mercurio, sus Compuestos y sus Desechos
Submissions from Intergovernmental Organisations
Requirements for facilities and acceptance criteria for the disposal of metallic mercury
Information provided by WHO on mercury in health care, related WHO activities, resources and risk assessment methodologies
Nordic Council of Ministers Open letter on mercury issues
Submissions from non-governmental organizations