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Technical Briefing



Technical Briefing for the “Regional consultation for the Asia-Pacific region in preparation for the third session of the intergovernmental negotiating committee on mercury”

1.      Date:  Monday, 26 September 2011, starting at 9:30


2.      Venue:  Kobe International Conference Center, Room 501


3.      Programme

Opening Remarks (by the UNEP Secretariat and Ministry of the Environment of Japan)


Part I: UNEP Global Mercury Partnership Programme

1) Ms. Desiree Narvaez (UNEP Secretariat):

Overview of the Global Mercury Partnership: Experiences and Lessons Learned”  &

Revised Options Analysis for the Environmentally Sound Management of Surplus Mercury in Asia Pacific


2) Dr. Noriyuki Suzuki (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan (As a member of the UNEP Partnership for Mercury Transport and Fate Research, lead by Dr. Nicola Pirrone, CNR Institute for Atmospheric Pollution, Italy)):

 “UNEP Global Partnership for Mercury Transport and Fate Research (UNEPMFTP) Initiative and Related Research on Mercury Fate and Transport issues

Part II: Current Technologies for Mercury Management in Japan

1) Mr. Masanori Yamauchi (Japan Electric Lamp Manufacturers Association (Panasonic Corporation Lighting Company)) :

Technology for reducing mercury in lamps

2) Mr. Akiyoshi Manabe (Japan Soda Industry Association (Chlorine Engineers Corp., Ltd)):

Development of Electrolysis Technology without Mercury”:

3) Mr. Yoshito Kudo (Japan Mining Industry Association (Akita Zinc Co., Ltd.)):

Mercury Management Practice at Akita Zinc Co., Ltd.”:

4) Mr. Tatuto Nagayasu (The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.)):

Mercury Removal System with NH4Cl Injection” :