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Global Estimate of Global Mercury Cell Chlorine Capacity: 

In response to a recommendation of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership Advisory Group in 2009, the partnership area has updated a 2004 database of global mercury cell chlorine capacity.  According to data compiled, some 100 facilities in 44 nations today have some industrial mercury cell chlorine capacity.

NOTE: While the partnership area believes that this inventory if an accurate overall reflection of the global mercury-cell chlor-alkali situation, comments and supplementary information to improve the database are welcome

Global inventory of mercury cell chlor-alkali facilities










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Chloralkali Project - Uruguay 

Conversion from Mercury to Alternative Technology in the Chlor-Alkali Industry (June 2012)

This Partnership report explores the economics associated with converting from mercury cell chlor-alkali production to alternative technology. It should be noted that the estimates represent model calculations based on the best available information and knowledge. 

World Chlorine Council Publications and Guidelines:

World Chlorine Council Reporting:

The following two documents focus on educating non-expert technical audiences on the standards for mercury cell plants, the process and considerations for improvements. They may be useful for a general audiences as well as government regulators.