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East Africa Dental Amalgam Phase-Down Phase I


The East Africa Dental Amalgam Phase-Down Project (EADAP) is currently being implemented in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. It aims to demonstrate the phase-down approach of dental amalgam use. Providing valuable lessons learnt, the project's findings will be useful for other countries aiming to phase down the use of dental amalgam. Under the coordination of UNEP Chemicals and the WHO Oral health Programme, the project brings together a variety of stakeholders and will be finalised in September 2013.


This collaborative project engages the Ministries of Environment and Health in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, iLima, the World Dental Federation (FDI), the International Association of Dental Manufacturers (IDM,) and National Dental Associations. Among others, it investigates supply and trade patterns, creates awareness of preventive dental care, encourages alternatives, and promotes environmentally sound waste management practices. Further information is available here.

Steering committee

A Project Steering Committee comprised of UNEP, WHO, FDI, IDM, and iLIma was established in order to provide advice and guidance on the overall project execution. The Concept Note and Agenda of the 1st Steering Committee Meeting, which was held in Geneva on September 24th 2012, is available here

Inception workshop

Hosted by the Government of Kenya, the project inception workshop was held on 18-19 December 2012 and attended by all stakeholders. The meeting provided participants with a better understanding and role clarification of the project objectives, methodology, outputs and outcomes. The various participants presented their respective contributions to the project and the national project coordinators presented their respective project workplans. The Concept Note and Agenda is available here. The report of the inception workshop is available here.

During the workshop, a number of presentations were given:

Day 1
Day 2

Survey of dental trade flows and waste management final report

iLima's final report is now available. The study obtained data and information on dental amalgam trade flows and current dentists' practices in handling and waste management of dental amalgam and its alternatives in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. 

Training of Trainers

A Training of Trainers (ToT) took place in Kampala Uganda 6-7 March 2013. Organized by the World Dental Federation and hosted by the Government of Uganda, the ToT was conducted by UNEP, WHO, FDL, IDM, and Japan Ministry of Environment. The meeting report is available here.

Flyers and Posters

Flyers and posters have been created to raise awareness on dental amalgam and its impact on the environment. They provide information for the Ministry of Health/Chief Dental Officers, National Dental Association, dentists and patients.

Flyer for Ministry of Health/ Chief Dental Officers 
Flyer for National Dental Association 
Flyer for Dentists
Flyer for Patients 
Poster for Ministry of Health/ Chief Dental Officers
Poster for National Dental Association
Poster for Patients

Final Country Reports for Project Implementation Activities

The final reports on the implementation of the project activities are now available for:   

Project Phase II