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Reports & Publications

Mercury in products alternatives

Promoting the phase down of dental amalgam in developing countries, September 2014

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Occupational Exposure to Elemental Mercury in Odontology/Dentistry and Eliminating Mercury in Health Care     

Brochure on alternatives to mercury-added products

Economics of Conversion to Mercury-Free. Medical Devices in China.

The Environmental Economics of a Global Ban on Mercury-added Products - Swedish Chemicals Agency, November 2011

Economics of Conversion to Mercury-Free Products (US and EU experiences) - Final Draft (October, 2011) (Available in Word and PDF)

Future Use of Materials for Dental Restoration - Report of the meeting convened at WHO HQ, Geneva, Switzerland, 16-17 November, 2009. WHO, 2010.

Options for reducing mercury use in products and applications, and the fate of mercury already circulating in society (Final report, September 2008, European Commission Directorate-General Environment)

Lowell Center for Sustainable Production (Maine, USA) Study "An Investigation of Alternatives to Mercury Containing Products

Mercury substitution priority working list, Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen, 2007

Alternatives to mercury containing measuring devices, Danish Ministry of Environment, 2006

WHO (World Health Organization) - Policy Paper: Mercury in health care

Databases of mercury containing products

Mercury added product manufacturers provisional list Manufacturers are classified by product category, by country and by region.
Countries identified with mercury added product manufacturers list.

Additional information on mercury added product manufacturers would be highly appreciated. Should you wish to contribute information to any of this list, please write to

Interstate Mercury Education & Reduction Clearinghouse (IMERC) Mercury-Added Products Database, 2007