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Reduce Mercury Supply and Investigate Mercury Storage Solutions - 2009

With the support of the government of Norway, this Project was implemented in the Asia Pacific and the Latin American and Caribbean Region. The objective was to provide relevant information aimed at assisting governments find environmentally sound storage options for projected excess or surplus mercury.

Detailed information on the project's objectives, design, outputs and participants can be accessed here

The project revealed that: 

  • Supply will soon exceed demand in these regions. 
  • Surplus mercury will need to be removed from the market and stored in an environmentally sound manner.
  • For both regions, average annual surplus of elemental mercury is about 200 tonnes. 

In the options analysis phase of the project, a 3-steps approach consisting of 1) Collection, 2) Stabilization and 3) Safe Disposal was proposed to remove surplus mercury from the market and isolating it from the biosphere.