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Workshop on Mercury Management in the Latin American and Caribbean Region

In May 2012, the Governments of Spain, Brazil and Uruguay organized a workshop on mercury management in the Latin American and Caribbean Region.

Bringing together all relevant stakeholders, the workshop assessed the situation and existing challenges to the management of mercury in the region. The purpose was to explore environmentally sound solutions. It provided a forum for knowledge sharing and aimed to inform mercury management authorities and experts.


Regarding the sound environmental management of mercury, the following conclusion were made:

  • Mercury waste management should be carried out as closest to the source as possible. Hence, the principles of self-sufficiency and proximity should be adhered to.
  • Stabilization constitutes a useful option for ensuring the environmentally sound management of metallic mercury and facilitates the search for adequate storage.
  • Specific, clear and applicable legislation, coupled with effective enforcement mechanisms, is crucial.
  • Analytical capacities and adequate technologies are needed for collecting, managing and processing mercury.

The summary report is available in English and Spanish. The corresponding leaflet can be found here.


During the workshop, a number of useful presentation were held on a variety of topics related to mercury management:

Important health aspects related to mercury

English or Spanish

Technological developments in environmentally sound management

English or Spanish

Technological developments regarding the stabilization of mercury

English or Spanish


DELA Stabilization technology for metallic mercury



Mercury management in the chlor-alkali industry



Mercury management in the gold mining sector



 Management of mercury containing lamps

English or Spanish


Management and recycling of mercury lamps



EU legislation on export, storage and disposal of mercury

English or Spanish


Case study of mercury remediation in a mining / industrial area

English or Spanish


Project on environmentally sound storage and disposal in Argentina



Project on storage and final disposal in Argentina and Uruguay

English or Spanish



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