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Hg supply and storage
Activities & Projects

Mercury Supply Activities

Kyrgyz Primary Mercury Mine Project

Kyrgyzstan Primary Supply Project

With the support of the Global Environment Facility, Governments of Norway, Switzerland and USA, UNEP is working with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, in cooperation with UNITAR, UNDP and ZOI Environment Network, to assess and take actions to transform the world’s last remaining primary mercury mine known to export mercury.

Mercury Storage Activities

Reduce Mercury Supply and Investigate Mercury Storage Solutions

With the support of the government of Norway, this Project was implemented in the Asia Pacific and the Latin American and Caribbean Region. The objective was to provide relevant information aimed at assisting governments find environmentally sound storage options for projected excess or surplus mercury.

Asia-Pacific Project

Launched in March 2009, the Asia-Pacific Project successfully closed in July 2011.  It initiated a regional process to support the sequestration of excess mercury in Asia and the Pacific. The project produced documents useful for governments to address the projected excess mercury supply in the region.

Latin America and the Caribbean Project

Under the umbrella of this 2009/2010 Project, it became clear that the LAC region will soon have to manage a significant amount of excess mercury. This was responded to by means of a project executive committee that investigated environmentally sound storage solutions for the region.

Workshop on Mercury Management in the Latin American and Caribbean Region, Brasilia (Brazil), 21-22 May 2012

Organised by Spain, Brazil and Uruguay, this 2012 workshop provided a forum where the various stakeholders discussed approaches for the safe management of mercury. Among others, the relevance of adequate regulatory frameworks as well as technological innovation were stressed.

Mercury Storage and Disposal Project in Two Selected Countries in South America

This project in Uruguay and Argentina is a follow-up to the UNEP mercury storage regional project in Latin America. It aims to provide a better understanding of mercury storage and disposal issues at country level and to promote the environmentally sound management of excess or surplus mercury.

Mercury Storage and Disposal Project in Two Selected Countries in Central America

Given its success, the decision was made to replicate the previous Project. This will allow participants to draw on the valuable lessons learned and to take advantage of the accumulated experience. Thus, a follow-up project was initiated with the participation of two Central American countries: Mexico and Panama.

Mercury Waste Storage and Disposal Project in Three Selected Countries in the Caribbean
This project will replicate the first 2 mercury waste storage and disposal projects in the LAC region.

Waste-Storage Pilot Projects

  • Health Sector
    • Cleanup and Temporary Storage of Mercury Waste for Health Care Facilities (Video in English and Spanish)
  • Introduction to terms relevant to the discussion of mercury storage and disposal