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Mercury Awareness Raising Package

Mercury Awareness Raising Package, 2009

This document was developed to raise awareness of the effects of mercury on human health, wildlife and the environment and on relevant strategies to manage and control mercury and was designed for the use of government officials, community leaders, and/or workers to provide information and raise awareness on mercury. It is organized into 5 modules.

Mercury Inventory Toolkit

Mercury Inventory Toolkit

This publication is aimed to assist countries in developing inventories of mercury releases, to evaluate the risks from various sources. It provides a methodology, illustrative examples and extensive information on mercury release sources.

Guidance for identifying Population at risk

Guidance for Identifying Populations at Risk from Mercury Exposure, August 2008

This publication is intended to assist countries in identifying specific populations or subpopulations that may be at risk. It aims to provide guidance on estimating exposures to mercury through biomonitoring as well as exposures to methylmercury using data on dietary fish intake.

UNEP Guide for Reducing Major Uses and Releases of Mercury, 2006

This document is intended to assist countries to identify sources of mercury exposure and to assess main methods of reducing mercury exposures and risks to their people. The information reflects approaches that have been considered and/or implemented in some countries/industries/products to reduce or eliminate mercury releases.

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