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UNEP / UNDP Partnership

UNEP supports integration of sound management of chemicals, as part of the poverty-environment linkage, into national development planning processes to support sustainable development in developing countries and those with economies in transition.  In support of the value added of SAICM, UNDP and UNEP have developed a Partnership Initiative for the Integration of Sound Management of Chemicals into development plans and processes. UNEP brings to the Partnership Initiative its work with the WHO on the Health and Environment Linkages Initiative (HELI). The initiative promotes a proactive, inter-sectoral health and environment approach though the use of decision-making tools to exert greater impact on the national development policies and strategies.

UNEP Global Mercury Partnership


 UNEP’s Governing Council has agreed to the development and implementation of partnerships as one approach to reducing the risks to human health and the environment from the release of mercury and its compounds to the environment.
The partnership areas currently identified include: