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Scientific Resources from various scholars

H. Fiedler (2007):
Global POPs Inventories
Organohalogen Compd. 69, 1 6
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H. Fiedler, A. Mangwiro, A. Hovemann, M. Moudachirou, F. Ahilihan, and C.S. Morakpai (2007)
Concentrations of Unintentional POPs in Soils and Ashes from Benin, Africa
Organohalogen Compd. 69, 311 314
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H. Fiedler (2007)
UNEP POPs Laboratory Databank
Organohalogen Compd. 69, 974 977
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J. de Boer, H. Leslie, S.P. van Leeuwen, J.W. Wegener, B. van Bavel, G. Lindström, and H. Fiedler (2007):
Results of Intercomparison Studies and training as Part of the UNEP Capacity Building Pilot Project for POPs Analysis under the Stockholm Convention
Organohalogen Compd. 69, 970 973
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B. van Bavel, G. Lindström J. de Boer, and H. Fiedler (2007)
Feasibility Training and Performance in Interlaboratory Comparison Studies within UNEP’s Assessment and Capacity Building Program for the Stockholm Convention on POPs in Developing Countries
Organohalogen Compd. 69, 1285 1288
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Heidelore Fiedler, Tom Harner, Roland Kallenborn, Michael S. McLachlan, Yasuyuki Shibata, Frank Wania, Peter Weiss, and Minghui Zhang (2008):
Global Monitoring of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Air – First Observations and Future Challenges
Organohalogen Compd. 70, 1395-1398
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J. de Boer, H. Leslie, S.P.J. van Leeuwen, J.-W. Wegener, B. van Bavel, G. Lindström, N. Lahoutifard, H. Fiedler (2008)
United Nations Environment Programme Capacity Building Pilot Project—Training and interlaboratory study on persistent organic pollutant analysis under the Stockholm Convention.
Analytical Chimica Acta 617, 208-215
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