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UNEP has developed a number of toolkits for specific areas of concern of the Chemicals and Waste priority

Mercury Inventory Toolkit
Mercury Inventory Toolkit

This publication is aimed to assist countries in developing inventories of mercury releases, to evaluate the risks from various sources. It provides a methodology, illustrative examples and extensive information on mercury release sources.

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Process Optimization Guidance (POG) for Reducing Mercury Emissions from Coal Combustion in Power plants
January 2011      English version - Russian version - Chinese Version

The POG is a tool to help determine the approaches to control mercury emissions in coal-fired power plants, in many cases a co-benefit of reducing emissions of other pollutants. The POG allows for a preliminary selection of a mercury control strategy for a given power plant. In general, the POG is also applicable to coal-fired large industrial boilers.

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Toolkit for Identification and Quantification of Releases of Dioxins, Furans and Other Unintentional POPsStandardized Toolkit for Identification and Quantification of Dioxin and Furan Release

Polychlorinated dibenzo-para-dioxins (PCDD) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDF) are two of the twelve initial POPs included in the Stockholm Convention. UNEP Chemicals Branch has developed this Toolkit to assist countries in the identification and quantification of PCDD/PCDF releases.

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POPs laboratory databankPOPs Laboratory Databank

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DDT Information SystemDDT Information System

DDT Country Profiles


Information System on POP Termiticides and AlternativesTermiticides Information System


Sound Management of Pesticides and Diagnosis and Treatment of Pesticide Poisoning - A Resource ToolSound Management of Pesticides and Diagnosis and Treatment of Pesticide Poisoning

The CD-based Resource Tool contains information on pesticides and their mode of action, personal protection measures and measures to protect the general public and the environment. The tool contains information on different aspects of pesticide management and provides information on diagnosis, first aid and treatment of pesticide poisonings.

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Toxicology in the ClassroomToxicology in the Classroom

The CD-based Resource Tool aims at raising awareness among young students about potential adverse effects of chemicals and help reduce careless use of pesticides. This training will help provide basic understanding of toxicology and awareness of the need for protective and precautionary measures to avoid adverse effects on human beings and the environment.

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Health and Environment: Managing the linkages for Sustainable Development. A toolkit for decision-makersHealth and Environment: Managing the linkages for Sustainable Development - A toolkit for decision-makers

This synthesis report highlights key findings of the UNEP-WHO Health and Environment Linkages initiative, and introduces a tool-kit to support integration of environment and health considerations into decision-making.

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CIEN/REICChemical Information Exchange Network
Réseau d'Echange d'Information sur les produits Chimiques

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SID - Screening Information DatasetSID - Screening Information Dataset

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UNEP Resource Kit on Chemicals

UNEP Resource Kit on Waste Management