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Asia and the Pacific

See the SAICM Secretariat website for regional activities in the Asia-Pacific region

Thailand - Regional workshop on development of legal and institutional infrastructures for sound management of chemicals
Cambodia- The UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative for the integration of sound management of chemicals into the national development plan

Cambodia - Regional Workshop for facilitating understanding between officials responsible for development planning and officials responsible for chemicals management

Heavy metals: mercury
Cambodia, Pakistan, Philippines - Hg waste management
Project on the safe storage of excess mercury
Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining projects
Reducing mercury emissions from coal combustion in the energy sector


Brunei Darussalam, Jordan, Lebanon, Philippines and Vietnam – Dioxin / Furan inventories

China - Emission factors for open burning of waste

Bahrain, Thailand, Vietnam – Workshops and training on action plans and estimation of unintentional POPs

Fiji, Kiribati, Niue, Samoa, Palau, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu - Supporting the POPs GMP in the Pacific Islands Region (2008-2010)

Regional workshop for Arab states on the environmentally sound destruction of POP and decontamination of POP containing waste in the context of the Basel Convention and the Stockholm Convention; Arabic version

Thailand - Sub-regional Workshop “Action Plans for PCBs and Dioxins/Furans under the Stockholm Convention on POPs” (2004)

Bahrain - Sub-regional Workshop “Action Plans for PCBs and Dioxins/Furans under the Stockholm Convention on POPs” (2004)

New Zealand – Dioxin / Furan inventories
Australia, USA – Emission factors from open burning of biomass (forest, sugarcane)

Other HSHW activities

Malaysia - Report on the regional workshop on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTRs) for Asean countries, 2004

Thailand - Sub-regional Workshop on the Reduction/Elimination and Management of Pesticides in the Context of the Stockholm Convention and Related Activities of WHO (2004)