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Heavy Metals


UNEP Global Mercury Partnership

Toolkit for identification and quantification of mercury releases - June 2010

Mercury Awareness Raising Package, 2009

Guidance for Identify Populations at Risk from Mercury Exposure, August 2008

A project on environmentally sound management of mercury containing waste is underway in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Project on the safe storage of excess mercury (in Asia and Latin America)


Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining projects (Asia and Latin America)
Reducing mercury emissions from coal combustion in the energy sector

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

Standardized Toolkit for Identification and Quantification of Dioxin and Furan Release

Dioxin Inventories

Dioxins and Furans Toolkit Expert Group

First World-wide UNEP Intercalibration Study on POPs
Global POPs Laboratory Capacity Building Project

POPs Laboratory Databank

PCB Transformers and Capacitors - From Management to Reclassification and Disposal

Other language versions available here

Guidelines for the Identification of PCBs and Materials Containing PCBs

Other language versions available here

Survey of Currently Available Non-Incineration PCB Destruction Technologies

Other language versions available here

Inventory of world-wide PCB destruction capacity 

Reducing and Eliminating the use of Persistent Organic Pesticides: Guidance on alternative strategies for sustainable pest and vector management

Report of the UNEP/FAO/Global IPM Facility Termite Biology and Management Workshop

Guidelines on POPs Analysis
Other HSHW Activities



Several regions asked UNEP/GEF to support the implementation of the Global Monitoring Plan. GEF has cleared project concepts for four regions (Pacific, Eastern and Southern Africa, Western Africa, GRULAC). Projects are expected to start very soon.