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Steering Committee

A Steering Committee including representatives from academia, industry, civil society, governments, and intergovernmental organizations has been created with the view to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the ongoing and potential cooperation with the private sector and civil society. The Steering Committee’s role is to advise on the development on an evidence-based approach to estimating the ‘true’ costs of inaction, focusing on the developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

Steering Committee expertise and input is critical to the COI Initiative. The committee is comprised of representatives from the Government of Sweden; OECD, WHO, UNIDO, FAO; Secretariats of the Basel Convention and the Rotterdam Convention; the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN); the Blacksmith Institute; and international experts from Canada, Germany and Nigeria.

The 1st Steering Committee meeting, held on the 28-29 April 2010, discussed the Terms of Reference for the Committee and advised on the development of the evidence-based approach to estimating the ‘true’ costs posed by improper production, handling, use and disposal of chemical substances, products and articles containing chemicals.

The 2nd Steering Committee meeting, held on the 3-4 November 2010, focused on the COI Initiative Approach and Scope as well as the draft outline for the Baseline Assessment Report with attention to the targeted search for existing monetized and quantified data.

The 3rd Steering Committee meeting, held on 15-16 June 2011, discussed a first draft of the Baseline Assessment Report of existing knowledge on the COI on SMC.

The 4th Steering Committee meeting, held on 7 December 2011, discussed the final revisions to be made to the draft Baseline Assessment Report (BAR), including Pesticides Extrapolation; and reviewed the awareness campaign and the proposed potential future activities of the COI Initiative.