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UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative - Former Republic of Macedonia

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s project on “Mainstreaming Sound Management of Chemicals into MDG-based National Development Planning” began in March 2008 when a “strategy development” mission visited FYR Macedonia to work with the government on developing a detailed plan of action. Funding was provided by the SAICM Quick Start Programme Trust Fund.

Extensive meetings were held with a variety of government agencies, including the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, the Customs Administration and the Office of the Project for Development of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development.

In comparison with other countries participating in the UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative, FYR Macedonia no longer undergoes any review or preparation of PRSPs (the last interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper was produced in November 2000). Nor does it prepare national development planning frameworks. For this reason, it is the process for the National Strategy for Sustainable Development that provides the best avenue for mainstreaming national priorities for Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC).

With the current Sustainable Development strategy process being finalized in 2009, the project has adopted (as in Uganda):
i) A “fast track” process to meet the deadline of the Sustainable Development process, which focuses on mainstreaming of short term chemicals management priorities; and
ii) A “normal speed” mainstreaming process to focus on mainstreaming of medium and long-term priorities during the mid-term review of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development that will take place in 2.5 years.

As of the beginning of the first quarter of 2009, the national project management team has supported the integration of chemicals-related language into the National Strategy for Sustainable Development document and prepared a chemicals annex. The chemicals annex addresses known short term national priorities regarding chemicals management, including hazardous waste infrastructure, pesticide overuse, chemical ‘hot spots’, and industrial location planning for chemical-intensive industries.

The national chemicals management draft situation report for FYR Macedonia has been completed and will be presented to the Interagency Coordinating Mechanism in June 2009.

FYR Macedonia, too, will receive funding from the Government of Norway to train a junior environmental economist for its core analytical group.

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