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UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative - Zambia

The “UNDP-UNEP Case Study in Partnership with Zambia: Mainstreaming Sound Management of Chemicals Issues into MDG based National Development Planning” project was officially launched at the Project’s Inception Workshop in November 2007, by the Zambian Minister of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources, Honourable Michael L. Kaingu, MP. Funding was provided by the Government of Sweden (through the Swedish Chemicals Agency - KemI).

The wide diversity of ministries represented - 20 government ministries and agencies - and the participation of private sector, academic and NGO representatives, reinforced the understanding among participants of the cross-sectoral relevance of chemicals management, and its economic significance. The active involvement and commitment to the project process by the Ministry of Finance and National Planning was a clear sign of the strategic value of the proposed project approach.

Sector teams were established to complete the national chemicals management situation report, which was completed in the last quarter of 2008. The core analytical group, comprised of an economist, environment health expert and an environmental expert from the Environment Council of Zambia (ECZ), used the situation report as a basis for identifying national SMC priorities for action in the context of the national development plan. These priorities were presented to and approved by the national Inter-agency Coordinating Mechanism on Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC) in December 2008. Additional meetings have been held with the Ministry of Finance and National Planning to secure their “buy-in” in the process of integrating SMC priorities into Zambia’ national development planning process.

An economic cost-benefit analysis of the social and financial impacts of relevant interventions in the Kafue river basin was started in the first quarter of 2009. Options and interventions related to ways in which chemicals management can foster development while improving health and environment conditions in the basin will be presented.

The Zambian Fifth National Development Plan is currently undergoing a mid-term review. The project is therefore continuously engaging national planning authorities in its activities to ensure that SMC-MDG linkages are clear to planning officials, and their commitment to the project’s objectives is being secured. The objective is to facilitate the mainstreaming of the top national chemical management priorities into Zambia’s national development plan.

In recognition of the importance of further enhancing Zambia’s capacity with respect to environmental economics, the Government of Norway is providing additional resources to the project. These funds are being used to train a junior environmental economist, who works with the senior economist as part of the core analytical group.

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