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The UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative - Linking the Sound Management of Chemicals with National Development Planning


The UNEP-WHO HELI and UNDP-UNEP PEI constitute a solid basis for mainstreaming the Sound Management of Chemicals into development planning processes, by demonstrating the interrelations between health, environment and poverty reduction using economic evidence. Furthermore, these initiatives made important steps in forging a methodology for mainstreaming environmental management into development planning at the country level, based on practical field experience.

The UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative adapted these tools to the specific context of chemicals management.

In conceptualizing the Partnership Initiative support of Sound Management of Chemicals, UNDP and UNEP contemplated the steps that countries typically go through to advance their national chemicals management regimes. A mapping of the mainstreaming process can be found here.

This mapping, designed on the basis of UNEP-WHO HELI and UNDP-UNEP PEI, served as the premise for the whole initiative, including development of the guidance documents and country projects.

In addition, UNDP produced two further documents :

i) How is the Sound Management of Chemicals related to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)? (2009)
This poster explains the links between SMC and each of the eight MDGs. The aim is to demonstrate the role that Sound Management of Chemicals can play in achieving the MDGs.

ii) UNDP Technical Guide for Integrating the Sound Management of Chemicals in MDG-Based Policies & Plans (2009)
The UNDP Technical Guide provides a systematic approach to countries to help assess their capacity for sound management of chemicals, identify needs, and ultimately “mainstream” or incorporate identified priorities into national MDG-based development policies and plans. Following a step-by-step approach, the Technical Guide describes in detail the mainstreaming methodology, while addressing key considerations and providing “how-to” information associated with each step.

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