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Regional Workshops on Facilitating Understanding Between Officials Responsible for Development Planning and Officials Responsible for Chemicals Management – UNEP-Norwegian Fund project on “Integration of Chemical Safety Concerns into Development Agendas wi


As a third component of the UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative, four regional workshops were organized in 2008 in Uganda, Macedonia, Cambodia and Belize, with the support from the Norwegian government through the project on “Integration of Chemical Safety Concerns into Development Agendas with Focus in Poverty Reduction Strategies”. Their aim was to foster a process of cooperation and coordination between government officials from the agency responsible for development planning and government officials from the agency responsible for chemicals management.

The regional workshops had two objectives:

  1. To advance SMC mainstreaming into development planning within developing countries and countries with economies in transition through increased dialogue and understanding between national agencies responsible for chemicals management and national agencies responsible for development planning. This included an evaluation of the:
    • Rationale for developing countries to mainstream chemicals management priorities into national development plans consistent with the SAICM Overarching Policy Strategy;
    • Terminology and approaches for mainstreaming chemicals management issues into development plans;
    • Issues, opportunities and potential barriers to overcome for prioritizing and mainstreaming chemicals management issues in development planning;
    • Progress so far in the area of mainstreaming.
  2. To contribute to the preparation of an Information Document (SAICM/ICCM.2/INF/46) provided to the 2nd Meeting of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM2).

The Information Document was intended to assist strengthening discussions at ICCM2 on mainstreaming from the practical experience perspective of developing countries and countries with economies in transition. It was produced out of the experiences of all four regional workshops.

All participants in the regional workshops had the opportunity to comment on it at the conclusion of the four regional workshops. The endorsement of the Information Document (SAICM/ICCM.2/INF/46) at ICCM2 was left entirely to the discretion of the participating countries.

The workshops were facilitated by a leading international expert in the Sound Management of Chemicals and development planning.

The documents of the specific workshops, as well as the Information Paper presented at ICCM2 are provided below.





ICCM2 Information Paper :

Views of Developing Countries and CEITs on the Issue of Mainstreaming (Integrating) SMC Priorities into Development Planning