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UNEP-WHO Health and Environment Linkages Initiative


UNEP-WHO Health and Environment Linkages Initiative

Health and environment-related decisions are often dealt with separately by different sectoral agencies and various stakeholders. Moreover, decisions regarding these domains are generally disconnected from the economic development planning processes. However, recent scientific developments have shown that these three domains are highly interconnected.

To remedy this situation, it is not only necessary to communicate the links between health, environment and economic development more effectively, but also to find ways to respond to these interrelated risks in a coordinate manner. These questions were addressed within UNEP-WHO Health and Environment Linkages Initiative.

A comprehensive set of documents has emerged from this initiative, which includes:

  • A joint WHO-UNEP web portal
    The portal contains nearly 1,000 links to critical resources in the field of environment and health, organized by categories relevant to policy-making; Synthesis of issues in terms relevant to government sectors; illustration of best practice policy approaches and their cost-effectiveness; and easy access to materials for training, guidance and other resources.

  • Health and Environment: Managing the linkages for Sustainable Development. A toolkit for decision-makers (2008)
    This synthesis report highlights key findings of the initiative, and introduces a “tool-kit” to support integration of environment and health considerations into decision-making.

Building on the work done within UNEP-WHO HELI, the UNDP-UNEP PI includes a special focus on the links between health, chemicals management and economic development.

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