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Brainstorming meeting on environmental and other factors needed for evaluating and managing risks posed by pesticides at local level Geneva, Switzerland 1-3 July, 2009

Meeting Final report

Regulatory controls exist in most countries today for the distribution and use of pesticides and usually involve a registration process. In evaluating the potential risks involved with these chemicals prior to authorizing their use, many countries rely almost solely on internationally available hazard and risk assessments and have little capacity to make locally based risk management decisions.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss possibilities for improving the situation and identify what, or what type of, local factors are needed for locally based decision making by exploring knowledge and experiences among participating experts and stakeholders from different regions; as well as to identify possible ways of meeting these needs based on available information and other resources, which may include resources at national as well as international level.

Documents will be made available on this page as they become available, as well as links to the other events' web pages.

Documents related to the Brainstorming meeting:

Existing sources and approaches to risk assessment and management of pesticides
Suggested questions for the Group break-out sessions:  
Draft Programme:  
Workshop Information Note:  


Wednesday 1 July, 2009

Country presentations:

Burkina Faso
Kyrgyz Republic
Sri Lanka

IGO / NGO / Other organization presentations:

Pan African Network (PAN) activites related to pesticides risk assessment and management - Dr. Abou THIAM
UNEP, Agneta Sunden
UNEP, Nida Besbelli
UNEP, Nelson Manda
Ecotoxicological effects, Cornelis van Leeuwen
Ecosystems - a context for assessing pesticide effects on non-target organisms, Sverker Molander
Climatic and other factors, Luisa Castillo

Thursday 2 July, 2009

WHO, IPCS, Carolyn Vickers
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, Mark Scheringer
Environmental resources, Stuart Dobson
Michigan Technological University, USA, Barry Solomon
National Environment Research Institute, Aarhus University, Hans Lokke