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Scientific Reviews


In February 2005, the Governing Council (decision 23/9 III) mandated UNEP Chemicals to develop reviews of scientific information on lead and cadmium, focusing especially on long-range environmental transport, in order to inform future discussions of the Governing Council on the possible need for global action in relation to these two heavy metals. 

Governments, Intergovernmental and Non-Governmental Organizations were invited to submit information relevant to the preparation of these reviews and to nominate members to the Working Group on Lead and Cadmium that assists UNEP in finalizing the reviews.

The first meeting of the Working Group on Lead and Cadmium, took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 18 to 22 September 2006.

The successive interim and draft versions of these scientific reviews were made available to the  Governing Council at its 24th and 25th regular sessions in  February 2007 and 2009. The final scientific reviews that include the latest submissions and comments were presented at the 26th GC session in February 2011.