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Second Meeting of the Partnership Advisory Group

The second meeting of the Partnership Advisory Group was held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 21-22 September 2010

PAG2 Meeting Report
Meno for participants


A number of related side meetings took place throughout the week:

- Consultation on Mercury Waste and Storage

- Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining Briefing

Meeting documents

PAG.2/1 - Provisional Agenda Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.doc Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1.pdf

PAG.2/1Add.1 - Annotated Provisional Agenda Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1_Annotated.doc  Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1_Annotated.pdf

- Report on Activities undertaken within the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership (January 2009 - June 2010) Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1_Annotated.doc  Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1_Annotated.pdf

PAG.2/3 -
Partnership area business plans  

PAG.2/4 - Draft proposed report to the Executive Director on overall progress  Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1_Annotated.doc  Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1_Annotated.pdf

PAG.2/5 - Thought starter on possible options for the future partnership approach  

PAG.2/6 - Draft UNEP Global Mercury Partnership schedule for September 2010 -  December 2011 Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1_Annotated.doc  Final_DTIE_Hg_PAG.1_1_Annotated.pdf

Information documents

- Reporting of the mercury emissions from coal partnership area  

PAG.2/INF 2 - Reporting of the mercury cell chlor alkali production partnership area  

PAG.2/INF 3 - Reporting of the mercury in products partnership area        

PAG.2/INF 4 - Reporting of the mercury air transport and fate research partnership area  

Hg/PAG.2/INF 5 - Reporting of the mercury in artisanal and small-scale gold mining partnership area  

Hg/PAG.2/INF 6 - Reporting of the mercury waste management partnership area  

PAG.2/INF 7 - Progress of the mercury supply and storage partnership area  

PAG.2/INF 8 - List of Participant