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Supply and Storage

The Issue

Mercury is an element and cannot be destroyed. Policies designed to decrease the production, use and trade of mercury must be accompanied by access to viable, safe and secure long term storage.

The limited sources of mercury supply globally allow targeted action in this area.  Export controls and storage are main instruments to reduce supply. Transparency of trade is also essential for future success in limiting global supply. Primary mining is not required to meet global market demand.

Investing in supply, trade, and storage issue is more efficient than trying to control mercury release.

Partnership Lead

Government of Spain

Ana García González, Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente
Tel +34 91 4535363

Manuel Ramos Pino, Centro Tecnológico Nacional de Descontaminación del Mercurio (CTNDM)
Tel: +34 629 27 28 69

Government of Uruguay

Judith Torres, Dirección Nacional de Medio Ambiente (DINAMA), Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment
Tel: + 598 2917 07 10 ext 4107

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