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Activities and Projects

Mercury cell chlor-alkali facility in Uruguay
UNEP Chemicals recently implemented a project to assist countries in the environmentally sound management of mercury waste. One of the projects related to a mercury cell chlor-alkali facility in Uruguay. This project on assessment of the usefulness of the World Chlorine Council guidelines on mercury in the chloralkali sector, aims to provide for all chlorine-alkali plants with mercury cell technology, particularly in developing countries, a reliable and easy to use guide in the management of mercury and a checklist

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Euro Chlor - It's a Chlorine Thing
The video produced by Euro Chlor, the Federation of the European chlor-alkali industry, explains how mercury is used in chlor-alkali facilities. It demonstrates the safe handling of mercury during normal operation and during decommissioning of mercury-cell facilities and the handling of mercury-containing waste, including environmentally sound storage and disposal of mercury.

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