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Global Chemicals Outlook

The Global Chemicals OutlookThe Global Chemicals Outlook report concludes a two year long process that has brought together the governments, industry, academics and civil society together to provide for the first time a comprehensive environmental understanding and up to date assessment of trends and changes affecting the production and use of chemicals throughout their life cycle, their health and environment effects, economic implications, and policy options.

This publication is expected to provide a stimulating and convincing set of scientifically based economic arguments to elevate chemicals management to the top of the international policy agenda as an essential condition to the achievement of sustainable development. Published in 2012, a few weeks before ICCM3, it also is a very strong policy document designed to support the SAICM process and to contribute to the revitalization of its partnership spirit.

GCO Synthesis document

Global Chemicals Outlook Report Synthesis

The GCO Synthesis document in available in the six official UN languages



Press Release on the launch of the Global Chemicals Outlook Report September 2012