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UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative - Cambodia

The “Mainstreaming Sound Management of Chemicals Issues into MDG-based National Development Planning” project was officially launched at the Project’s Inception Workshop in June 2008 by H.E. Khieu Muth, Secretary of State, Cambodian Ministry of Environment.

The workshop was attended by 64 representatives - from the Ministry of Environment’s Department of Environmental Pollution Control, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy etc., as well as industry associations, NGOs, universities and other institutions engaged in aspects of Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC). Funding was provided by the Government of Sweden (through the Swedish Chemicals Agency - KemI).

As of the first quarter of 2009, the project team is conducting research necessary to draw up the national chemicals management situation report. The situation report will provide information for identification of the highest priorities for improving SMC in the country, within the context of national development priorities and plans.

By enhancing the necessary structures and capacity to integrate SMC priorities into its national development planning frameworks, the project will enable the Government of Cambodia to ensure that national chemicals management priorities become part of the national budgetary instruments.

By the end of this project, Cambodia will be in a position to repeat the methodology for future development plan revisions and will have established a list of priorities, accompanied by cost related analysis, that will enable it to both fundraise internally (i.e. by identifying private sector cooperation opportunities) and externally, from multilateral and bilateral donors.

In response to a specific need voiced by the Government of Cambodia, the project will also benefit from the UNEP-KemI project on “ Development of legal and institutional infrastructures on Sound Management of Chemicals in developing countries and countries with economies in transition”. This will help address Cambodia’s legal infrastructure needs through the development of a law/subdecree on the regulation of the management of chemicals.

Cambodia will also receive additional resources from the Government of Norway to train a junior environmental economist to work with the senior economist as part of the core analytical group.

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