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Country Pilot Projects

SAICM recognizes that for Sound Management of Chemicals to be moved significantly towards the center stage of national decision making, there needs to be much stronger links established with the development planning priorities and processes of developing countries and countries with economies in transition (CEITs), as well as enhanced coordination between the many agencies and stakeholders involved in chemicals management.

In order to develop a comprehensive and practical toolkit for assisting and developing capacities of developing countries and CEITs to effectively mainstream Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC) into development planning processes at the national level, the UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative  initiated a series of country projects in voluntary pilot countries.

The methodology applied for mainstreaming the Sound Management of Chemicals in the selected countries directly draws from the five-steps mapping of the process of mainstreaming as well as on the UNDP Technical Guide for Integrating the Sound Management of Chemicals in MDG-Based Policies & Plans. The results and lessons learned from these field-testing projects also fed a revision process for the UNDP Technical Guide.

Country Pilot Projects