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1st Steering committee meeting, 29-30 June 2010, Geneva


Topic Ia. Measuring Trends in the Production, Use and Disposal of Chemicals

Topic Ib. Health and Environment Effects of Chemicals

Topic II: Economic Implications

Topic III: Instruments and Approaches for Sound Management of Chemicals

  • Overview: Instruments and Approaches for Sound Management of Chemicals
    • Mr. Kenneth Geiser, Ph.D., Professor of Work Environment and Director of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts

  • Selected Approaches and Methodologies: Green Chemistry and Substitution Analysis          
    • Mr. Arthur Fong, Senior Scientist, Toxicologist, IBM Corporation

  • Assessment of relevant National and International Legal and Institutional Infrastructures
    • Ms. Abiola Olanipekun, Chief Environmental Scientist, Nigeria Federal Ministry of Environment

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