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The Chemicals in Products Project Scoping Meeting for the Study of Stakeholder Needs for Information on Chemicals in Products Geneva, Switzerland : December 17-18, 2009

Meeting Report : CiP Scoping Meeting Info note

The Scoping Meeting of the Chemicals in Products (CiP) project will decide on priorities with regard to product groups and information categories and to identify key stakeholder needs that the initial analytical investigation of the CiP project should focus on. These investigations should provide a full-range picture of the relevance, needs and gaps of existing information systems to an international workshop planned to take place in mid 2010.

As it is not be possible to work in all areas and on all chemicals at the initial stages of the CiP project, a survey was designed to identify good examples provided through existing information systems, as well as to collect thoughts and views from SAICM stakeholders on the focus and priorities for the upcoming assessment of stakeholder information needs. Survey results will be considered in the Scoping Meeting and will help steer the initial elements of the analytical part of the project without limiting the focus of any future cooperative action or information system(s).

Meeting documents and related information:
Agenda: CiP draft agenda : Information note: CiP Scoping Meeting Info note
Analysis report of the CiP project Needs Survey: CiP Needs Survey (Executive summary only: CiP Needs Survey)
Access to individual survey responses is through this link.
Questions for the Working Groups at the Scoping Meeting: CiP Scoping Meeting WG questions
List of participants to the meeting : CiP Scoping Meeting WG questions

Needs Survey:
Letter to SAICM focal points concerning the initial needs-assessment Survey and expressions of interest to participate in the Scoping Meeting: CiP Needs Survey.
Initial needs-assessment Survey: CiP Needs Survey
Contact details for the Steering Group of the CiP project: CiP Needs Survey

Practical information for participants:
Information on obtaining a visa for Switzerland (2-5 weeks required!)
Information on some accomodation options in Geneva
Arriving to the venue, information on Geneva public transport and visitor information


Thursday 17 December, 2009

The Chemicals in Products project: overview of activities planned for the ICCM intersessional period
- Mr. Kevin Munn, Project Officer, UNEP Chemicals, Geneva, Switzerland

Survey of SAICM Focal Points on the Need for Information on Chemicals in Products
- Ms. Monica Becker, Monica Becker & Associates Sustainability Consultants, Rochester, New York, USA

Information systems targeting chemicals in products
- Ms. Beatrice Kogg, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University, Sweden

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals
- Ms. Rosa Garcia Couto, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva, Switzerland

The Joint Industry Guide (“JIG”): A Material Declaration Standard for the Global Electronics Industry
- Mr. Parker Brugge, Vice President, Environmental Affairs and Industry Sustainability Consumer Electronics Association, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Post-Manufacturing Traceability of chemicals in products: Features & Benefits
- Mr. David Balme, CEO, Challenge Optimum S.A., Geneva, Switzerland