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The implementation of sustainable development will depend on an active engagement of the public sector, civil society and the private sector. UNEP recognizes that the active participation of the private sector –represented by the Business and Industry Major Group, under the nine major groups’ approach of Agenda 21 - is essential to achieve sustainable development, in particular through its involvement in the realization of a green and inclusive economy. UNEP supports national regulatory and policy frameworks that enable Business and Industry to advance sustainable development initiatives and promote innovative approaches to financing for sustainable development. This includes collaboration with the private sector towards the strengthening of institutional cooperation, capacity building, and partnerships for sustainable development which includes efforts in the area of corporate social responsibility.

The Division for Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) partners with Business and Industry in the field of sustainable production and consumption. Among DTIE and Business and industry, there is a joint understanding and commitment about the importance of engaging with the private sector. This is not only true for activities around the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) of UNEP and global consultation meetings with Major Groups and stakeholders. DTIE has also established communication and exchange in the development and reporting of UNEP’s Programme of Work. Additionally, DTIE and Business and Industry have set up informal consultation and engagement mechanisms on ad-hoc business related activities. Find out more about DTIE’s partnerships with Business and Industry here.

The following example is only a small part of UNEP’s numerous partnerships with Business and Industry at the global, regional and local level.

Perspectives series: “Environmental and Sustainability Governance – Thoughts from an Industry Perspective”

In March 2012, UNEP has published a Perspectives issue on “Environmental and Sustainability Governance – Thoughts from an Industry Perspective” by Thomas R. Jacob. The article provides an industry perspective on the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development and International Environmental Governance (IEG) in general. 

Accredited organizations

Find here a list of all Business and Industry organizations accredited with the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) of UNEP .