UNEP-MGS Survey Analysis

Thank you for taking the time to complete UNEP's survey on the involvement of Major Groups and Stakeholders in the generation, utilization and dissemination of environmental information developed by UNEP. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and valued, and the Survey Analysis has been circulated throughout UNEP for your views to be taken into account and represented in UNEP's future Programme of Work.

Attached you can find the complete Survey Analysis, and below we have highlighted some of the key findings:

  • 63% of the organizations contributed to the generation of environmental information by UNEP to a moderate, large or very large extent of contributions made, the greatest percentage, 56%, was to UNEP publications.
  • 88% have accessed environmental information generated by UNEP; publications were the most common form of information accessed, with assessments and findings, and emerging issues coming a joint second.
  • The most common way in which organizations accessed UNEP information was via the UNEP website, with the second most common mechanism being via email.
  • 87%, have made use of information generated by UNEP either to a moderate, large, or very large extent. Organizations primarily used UNEP generated information for educational purposes, as a guide to their own work, or for analysis.
  • 86% have contributed to the further dissemination of environmental information generated by UNEP, principally during meeting discussions or through posting on social media.
  • 65% experienced no difficulties in contributing to, accessing, using or disseminating environmental information generated by UNEP, but for those who did the main issue was with language constraints.
  • The most effective mode for organizations to be involved in the generation, access, receipt and dissemination of environmental information generated by UNEP was email; this was followed by the UNEP website and through social media.
  • 85% successfully received the type of information they needed from UNEP either to a moderate, large or very large extent.

Suggestions on how UNEP could improve included:

  1. greater interaction from UNEP on social media
  2. improvements to websites to make them more user-friendly
  3. sending of hard copies of important reports and documents to resource centers
  4. the use of shorter bulletin messages to facilitate understanding of the public
  5. greater dissemination
  6. more translations
  7. timely information sharing to allow sufficient time for review and comments
  8. the use of Google hangouts, online workshops
  9. more active engagement with mass-media (e.g. TV)

Please download the Survey Analysis here