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International Poster Biennial of Mexico

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is joining the International Poster Biennial of Mexico, and encouraging graphic designers from throughout the world to do their part for sustainable development. The 12th edition of the International Poster Biennial of Mexico calls for the submission of posters in four categories, where UNEP will be supporting the Environment category under the theme "Green Economy, Powering Climate Solutions." 

The energy sector is responsible for two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions. Many renewable energies would be even more competitive if the environmental and health impact of fossil fuels were taken into account, if conditions were established to promote renewable energy use and energy efficiency and if fossil fuel use were discouraged. Some countries' overwhelming reliance on increasingly expensive fossil fuels is a peril to energy security.   

In addition, the current energy system is also inequitable, as it leaves 1.4 billion persons without access to electricity. In coming decades, the transition towards a green economy could help create more jobs than those generated under the current model. According to the report “Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication, by investing US$ 650 billion over the next 40 years in the production of energy with renewable sources, as well as in second generation biofuels for transport, we could raise the portion of energy produced with renewable energy sources to 27% of the total in 2050. Without that investment, it will account for only 15%.   

Submissions are encouraged to express the impact of non renewable energy on the planet as well as energy solutions such as low-energy light bulbs, efficient stoves and any other forms of clean energy as part of the Environment category of the International Poster Biennial of Mexico. 

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