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Bright Green Expo

Bright Green ExpoRoyalty from Denmark, Sweden and Norway opened the pioneering Bright Green Expo, the Confederation of Danish Industry’s COP 15 parallel event, to 1600 visitors at the Forum in Copenhagen. More than 170 of the world’s leading companies are showing their cutting-edge climate solutions and climate experts and inventors. Bright Green was inaugurated by a panel of VIPs, the H.R.H. The Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, H.R.H. The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, H.R.H. The Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, and moderated by Adam Holm of Danish television (DR).

More than 170 companies from 19 countries are showing how cutting edge climate solutions can be rolled out to help mitigate climate change. Bright Green environmentalism emphasizes innovation and intelligent technologies as the solution to the global climate challenge. First described by American thinker and writer, Alex Steffen, the movement is continuously gaining popularity.

Opening remarks focused on climate change as both a global and an individual responsibility. Speakers stressed that every individual can easily make small changes in their daily lives to save resources such as electricity and water. There are parallel needs for political regulations on green house gasses as well as development of new technologies to enable low carbon growth.

The Crown Prince of Denmark expressed a particular interest in climate changes in the Arctic region, which he has visited on several occasions. His long term relationship with local people in Greenland and their personal stories about how the climate is changing, have motivated him to become deeply involved in working for a better climate, both in the Arctic region and globally.

The three royal heirs have come together to draw attention to climate change issues and to involve both local people and decision makers in resolving the climate issue.

WMAN – Future Technologies - specializes in futuristic technology of high quality, invention of new products and education of Authorized Dealers. One of the products on display, that was also available for testing, was the Segway personal transporter. With a full charge costing only US 0.25 cents, this handy two-wheeler is capable of transporting its driver a distance of 25 to 30 kilometres. For more information see

Vestas’ vision states: “Wind power is a renewable, predictable and clean source of energy. Substantial capacity can be built up quickly, offering energy independence to the world’s Largest and fastest growing economies.” Vestas, one of the world’s largest producers of wind turbines, displayed some of their innovative technologies. For more information see
Tangible Earth - this globe is the first interactive digital globe. The globe can be spun by hand and will provide information on the selected location. Its circumference is 1.28 metres, which is 1/10 millionth scale of planet Earth. For more information see

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