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to climate change
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low carbon societies
Reducing Emissions
from Deforestation
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Looking Back and Looking ForwardLooking Back and Looking Forward

2008 was one of the most devastating years on record. Issues such as climate change and deforestation were some of the evident problems during the year. In 2009 however, UNEP seeks to enhance and com ...

Fighting for treesFighting for trees

Element Climate Change Series  follows the stories of five exceptional individuals who’ve decided to tackle climate change head on. - In this film we meet Bremley, who is fighting deforest ...

Champions of the Earth 2008: Dr. Balgis Osman-Elasha - SudanChampions of the Earth 2008: Dr. Balgis Osman-Elasha - Sudan

For her work on climate change and adaptation in northern and eastern Africa.

World Environment Day 2008World Environment Day 2008

World Environment Day 2008

World Environment Day Celebrations 2008World Environment Day Celebrations 2008

Highlights from the World Environment Day international celebrations held in New Zealand

Climate FeverClimate Fever

According the UN, climate change currently contributes to an increasing global burden of ill health and premature death. A hallmark study by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health charted the relation ...

Cold Water CoralsCold Water Corals

One of the most startling discoveries has been the abundance of coral reefs, living hundreds of metres below the surface of the sea, at around 4 to 13 degrees centigrade. Whats more, many of these re ...

Google Africa AtlasGoogle Africa Atlas

People can fly to some of the worlds most dramatic environmental hotspots courtesy of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)s innovative use of the popular mapping tool Google Earth. The new computer se ...

Vertical FarmingVertical Farming

Many East Africans depend on agriculture for their livelihoods.Returning to traditional multi-crop farming methods promise the best chance of withstanding the changing climate.

Volvo Ocean RaceVolvo Ocean Race

This is a 35,000 km race around the world using vane energy.It creates a great opportunity to send the message out "using energy that doesn’t pollute to combat climate change."

Glacier MonitoringGlacier Monitoring

Glaciers are a critical component of the earth’s system and the current accelerated melting and retreat of glaciers have severe impacts on the environment and human well-being. Monitoring glaci ...

Global Environment Outlook-4Global Environment Outlook-4

The latest in UNEP’s series of flagship reports, assesses the current state of the global atmosphere, land, water and biodiversity, describes the changes since 1987, and identifies priorities f ...

Tale of two lightsTale of two lights

In rural southern India, UNEP’s ingenious locally financed solar project is improving living conditions and, surprisingly, saving lives too!

10 Seconds 								 								 								 								 								 								10 Seconds

Every 10 seconds a slice of rainforest the size of a football field is lost forever…Produced by Rain Flourish – the art of connecting rainforest)

Achim Steiner: Climate Change AdaptationAchim Steiner: Climate Change Adaptation

Focuses on the nature of the impact of climate adaptation in terms of archtic and melting of the archtic ice shore.

Achim Steiner:Africa Atlas Discussed on Foreign Exchange 								Achim Steiner:Africa Atlas Discussed on Foreign Exchange

UNEP’s Executive Director discusses the Africa Atlas on Foreign Exchange, a weekly international affairs series aired on PBS.

Environmental Change Re-Draws Atlas of Africa 								Environmental Change Re-Draws Atlas of Africa

Glacial Retreat to Rapid Urbanization Chronicled in Landmark Satellite Report to Africa’s Environment Ministers.

Global DesertsGlobal Deserts

Protecting drylands is essential. Although deserts cover more than 40% of the planet’s land area, they are facing dramatic changes as a result of global climate change, high water demands, tour ...

Our Planet in Transition: From Pole to PoleOur Planet in Transition: From Pole to Pole

Striking images from around the world depicting how our Earth is in transition from pole to pole.