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Kenya Airways Joins UNEP Climate Neutral Network
07/ 06/ 2011

Kenya Airways Joins UNEP Climate Neutral NetworkNairobi, 7 June 2011 - Kenya Airways has announced its participation in the Climate Neutral Network (CN Net), an initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). CN Net is at the forefront of the movement towards a global transition to low carbon economies and societies.
In this cooperation with UNEP, the airline will have an opportunity to implement its existing strategies for reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. It will be granted access to climate neutral tools and resources and will be part of a forum for exchanging knowledge and best practice in addressing the causes of climate change.
CN Net is a high profile platform for innovative and forward-thinking pioneers to present to the world their strategies for moving towards climate neutrality and inspiring others to follow suit, through an interactive website and networking opportunities at major international events, such as World Environment Day.
"Our participation in CN Net confirms our commitment to addressing environmental issues including the challenge of climate change by being able to accurately account for the Green House gases that our operations emit and investing in environmental sustainability strategies to reduce and offset the emissions," said Dr. Titus Naikuni, Group MD and CEO of Kenya Airways.
In recognition of Kenya Airways' recently launched Voluntary Carbon Offsetting Scheme, CN Net invited the airline to participate in the movement towards climate neutrality. Kenya Airways is now officially registered as a CN Net participant, and the airline has its own page on the CN Net website, which it will use to receive and share useful information to promote a global transition towards a low carbon development path.
"UNEP is delighted to welcome Kenya Airways as a participant of the Climate Neutral Network," said Henry Ndede, coordinator of UNEP's Kenya Country Programme, Regional Office for Africa. "As a major international carrier, Kenya Airways is leading by example in not only aiming to reduce its own emissions, but also in empowering its customers to join the fight against climate change. UNEP welcomes Kenya Airways' commitment to working towards a sustainable airline industry."
The Involvement of Kenya Airways in the Network will allow the airline's successful environmental sustainability programs - including the Ngong Hills Reforestation Project 'Plant a Future', newer fuel efficient aircraft, fuel savings initiatives that have been employed throughout the airline's operations, as well as the Olkaria III phase 2 Geothermal Expansion project - to be highlighted on the CN Net website. Here the airline can engage with other organizations and businesses interested in becoming climate neutral, increasing global exposure of the projects' benefits.
Kenya Airways page on CN Net:
UNEP's Climate Neutral Network:


For more information, please contact:

Chris Karanja, Corporate Communications Manager, Kenya Airways on Tel. +254 02 642 2582
or E-mail:

Stuart Roberts, UNEP Climate Neutral Network on Tel. +254 762 5313 or E-mail:

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