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UNEP launches 2011 Ozone Africa Media Award
28/ 06/ 2011

UNEP launches 2011 Ozone Africa Media AwardHarnessing the power of the media to help phase-out Ozone Depleting Substances in Africa

Bamako (Mali)/Nairobi (Kenya), 27 June 2011 - The United Nations Environment Programme's Regional Office for Africa (UNEP-ROA) has today launched the 2011 Ozone Africa Media Award in Bamako, Mali.

The award was announced at the thematic workshop on compliance with CFC phase out and preparation of Hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) Phase out Management Plans (HPMP) in French speaking North and West Africa that is being held in the capital city of Mali at the initiative of the UNEP Ozone Compliance Assistance Programme from 27-30 June 2011.

The Ozone Africa Media Award, which was established in 2010, encourages highest standards of excellence in environmental and scientific reporting, focusing on how ozone issues are addressed in Africa.
The award places emphasis on compelling stories with a human face, showing how the consequences of a global environmental issue can affect us and how we as individuals can be part of the solution.
The Regional Coordinator of UNEP Ozone Compliance Assistance Programme in Africa, Jeremy Bazye said: "We have developed a strategic partnership with journalists, which materializes in the provision of capacity building in environmental reporting and information sharing. We need to consolidate this important capital. This competition provides another great opportunity to harness the power of the media and further engage journalists in the work lying before us."

The best examples of journalistic practice in the coverage of Ozone issues in Africa in print, audio-visual and electronic media will be awarded also bearing in mind the specific conditions in which the work is being carried out.

The competition will run through to 10 September 2011 and the winners will be announced on the International Day for Ozone preservation on 16 September.

The thematic workshop on compliance with CFC phase out and preparation of HCFC Phase out Management Plans brings together Ozone Officers from 13 countries in North and West Africa alongside journalists from 11 countries and representatives of the implementing agencies of the Multilateral Fund for the implementation of the Montreal protocole on the phase out of the Ozone depleting substances (ODS).

The 4-day workshop aims to assess the compliance status of African countries towards plans for total phase out of ODS. The meeting is expected to deliver specific recommendations on the implementation of Montreal Protocol activities and the way to address challenges faced by Ozone Offiers including on issues related to awareness and public participation.

Note to Editors
Entries for the Ozone Africa Media Award will be submitted online. The details of the award are available in English, French and Portuguese on the following website:

Information materials for Journalists:
As part of its efforts to strengthen the capacity of Journalists to report on issues related to the phase out of Ozone depleting substances, UNEP OzonAction and Grid Arendal in collaboration with Zoï Environment Network produced the Second edition of the "Vital Ozone Graphics 2-", a resource kit for journalists.
"Vital Ozone Graphics" sheds a light onto the major decisions taken by the Parties to the Montreal Protocol to accelerate the phase out of Hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and the implications this has on the use of replacement chemicals. It also focuses on the links to climate both physically up in the air and on the institutional ground of international treaty negotiations and discusses the remaining challenges posed by the large amounts of ozone killer banks still present in equipment in use.
The Vital Ozone Graphics 2 - Climate Link (Resource Kit for journalists) is available on

For more information, please contact:
Nick Nuttall, UNEP Spokesperson/Head of Media, on Tel +254 20 7623084, Mobile +254 733 632755 E-mail:
Angele Luh, Information Officer, UNEP Regional Office for Africa, Tel: +254 20 7624292; Mobile: +254 (0) 731 666 140; Email:

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