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Win a Date with History Video Contest to Find Speaker for Rio+20 Conference
06/ 03/ 2012

Win a Date with History Video Contest to Find Speaker for Rio+20 ConferenceMarch 6, 2012 - Amsterdam/New York - The TckTckTck campaign and Climate Nexus today announced the launch of the "Win A Date With History" online video speech contest.

The contest encourages young people between ages 13 - 30 from around the world to submit a short video speech expressing their ideas for how to stimulate decisive action on sustainability. The winner will address decision makers and world leaders scheduled to meet in Brazil this June for Rio+20, the 20th anniversary of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro.

"Throughout history, young people have been the drivers of change, transforming the socio-political landscape of the planet," said Kelly Rigg, Executive Director of the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA) which runs TckTckTck. "Today, using the power of the Internet, young people around the Earth can record and submit short speeches that we hope will urge, inspire, and ultimately move world leaders attending the Earth Summit to take immediate action on global warming and a sustainable future for all humankind." 

Contest participants can upload their 2-3 minute speeches at or via the MobliTM app (using the category @datewithhistory). Once the submission period has closed, the most popular speeches from each region, as determined by the number of votes online, will be shortlisted as finalists. A jury made up of prominent individuals from around the world, including Severn Suzuki, whose speech as a 12 year old at the 1992 Earth Summit remains an iconic moment, will review the short list and select a winner on May 15. The winner will travel to Rio and deliver the speech in person to world leaders at the Rio +20 Earth Summit.
TckTckTck and Climate Nexus will follow the winner's journey to the Summit, creating a "behind-the-scenes" web documentary of this unique experience.
For more information on the contest and how to enter, please visit 
The following language versions are available:

· Spanish at
· French at
· Portuguese at 

About TckTckTck
TckTckTck is the public campaign of the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA) - an unprecedented alliance of more than 300 non-profit organizations all over the world. Our shared mission is to mobilize civil society and galvanize public support to ensure a safe climate future for people and nature, to promote the low-carbon transition of our economies, and to accelerate the adaptation efforts in communities already affected by climate change.
About Climate Nexus
Climate Nexus is a new, creative communications organization that implements strategic campaigns to raise awareness of, dispel misinformation about, and showcase solutions to climate change and energy issues in the Unites States.
About the Date With History Competition
Date With History is an open, online video competition that runs from 6 March until 6 May 2012. It is inspired by Severn Suzuki's iconic speech when, as a 12 year old, she travelled to the Earth Summit with four young friends to ask assembled world leaders to 'stop breaking what they can't fix' by ensuring better protection for the environment, more expenditure on poverty eradication and assuring a sustainable future for all of humanity. Today Date With History offers the voice of youth the opportunity to take two minutes to imagine what they would say if they could tell world leaders what kind of future they want. The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to deliver their message in person at the Rio +20 Earth Summit.
About the MobliTM mobile app
MobliTM is a mobile photo and video sharing app. Users can share moments and see the world through other people's eyes via subject-based channels - like people, places and topics. When a photo or video gets shared on Mobli it is automatically placed in a corresponding channel, allowing individuals to enjoy personally customized streams of visual information.
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