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Ban, Barroso: urge 'Seal the Deal!'
29/ 04/ 2009

Ban, Barroso: urge 'Seal the Deal!' Nairobi, 29 April 2009 - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced in Brussels last Thursday that the UN is launching a worldwide climate change campaign under the slogan 'Seal the Deal!'

The campaign aims to galvanize political will and public support towards signing a new UN agreement on climate change, and urges world leaders to act in the best interest of their peoples and the planet by sealing the climate deal.

Mr Ban urged the EU to continue it's leading efforts to push towards the signing of an efective climate change agreement during the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December. He said, "We count on the European Union's continued and committed support on this matter. In this regard I would like to inform you that the UN has launched the 'Seal the Deal' campaign towards Copenhagen in December."

In response, European Commission (EC) President, José Manuel Barroso pledged support.
"We have to seal the deal…this is indeed our priority now to Seal the Deal in Copenhagen and I want to tell that we are going to work hand in hand with the United Nations to make that a great success for the future of our planet," said Barroso.
Last Monday, at the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain, Mr. Ban stressed swift, equitable action on climate change.

"Bold, visionary leadership is needed to seal a deal in Copenhagen…it must be ambitious, effective and fair. It must offer rich nations a way to cut emissions."

The campaign slogan is "Seal the Deal! Power green growth. Protect the planet".

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