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Short Films Depict Ways to Protect the Planet
10/ 12/ 2009

Short Films Depict Ways to Protect the PlanetCopenhagen, 10 December 2009 To bring about change, innovation, and collaboration, 30 directors from all the continents are offering their own 2-minute take on the environment.

From the Far North to Peru and from India to Burkina Faso, each has applied their sensitivity and talent to an environmental issue: be it the Arctic ice melt, the disappearance of butterflies in the countryside, sea pollution in Brest harbour, or deforestation in the Amazon.

Each film takes a positive approach and offers an idea, a solution, or a daily action to protect the planet.

Two minutes to warn us, move us, and provide a wake-up call.

Twelve of the filmmakers are screening their visual telegrams at the Cinematek in Copenhagen during the UN climate talks ? the films will be officially launched in April 2010 and will feature at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Films featured in Copenhagen:
Echo of eco - Pan Nalin (Inde/India)
A thousand years - Meena Nanji (Kenya/USA)
The Inheritance - Terry Jones (Royaume-Uni/United-Kindgom)
Rites - Jan Kounen (France)
Words of Ecology - Amos Gitaï (Israël/Israel)
True North - Asif Kapadia (Royaume-Uni/United-Kindgom)
Bon appétit ! - Isabella Rossellini (Italie/Italy)
La dernière traversée - Régis Wargnier (France)
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? ? Elia Suleiman (Palestine)
Les Toilettes - Etienne Chatiliez (France)
Prana - Joslyn Barnes (USA)
Adieu papillons - Philippe Le Guay (France)

Coming soon:
Paul Haggis, Pavel Lounguine, Emir Kusturica, Idrissa Ouedraogo, Rachid Bouchareb, Stephen Frears, Ronit Elkabetz, Isabel Coixet, Walter Salles, Asia Argento, Ken Loach, Radu Mihailealu, Clint Eastwood?

Short films: 30 x 2 min.
A collection directed by: Noëlle Deschamps
Music by: Loïk DURY
Produced by: Fabienne Servan Schreiber & Laurence Miller
With: Orange, Orange Cinema Serie et ARTE France
Delivery: March 2010

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