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UNEP co-hosts Governors' Global Climate Summit with focus on green economy
10/ 11/ 2010

UNEP co-hosts Governors' Global Climate Summit with focus on green economyWashington DC, 10 November 2010 - Together with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is co-hosting the Governors' Global Climate Summit 3: Building the Green Economy which will take place 15-16 November at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) and focus on green economies that benefit both developed and developing countries.

The Summit will be looking at policies and strategies on how to stimulate economic growth, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, create green jobs, promote clean energy solutions and reduce greenhouse gas pollution. The meeting will also work to deepen and broaden cooperative efforts to grow green economies and implement emissions reduction strategies.

"UNEP is pleased to join forces with the state of California on the Governors' Global Climate Summit 3. We are particularly delighted that the Governor has chosen to focus the Summit on Building the Green Economy, as this is an issue which UNEP is promoting around the globe," said UNEP Regional Office for North America Director Amy Fraenkel.

There is impressive line-up of participants and speakers who will be attending, including award-winning producer and director James Cameron, actor Harrison Ford, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Rajendra Pachauri and British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell.

Among many other notable participants will be Governor Gwendolyn Garcia of Cebu, Philippines; Vice Governor He Duanqi of Yunnan, China; Director General Gao Guangsheng of the Climate Division of the National Development Reform Commission in China; Ambassador Richard Jones, Deputy Director of the International Energy Agency in Paris, France; Pavan Sukhdev, Head of UNEP's Green Economy Initiative; Governor Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan of Delta State, Nigeria; and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

"I'm proud that we can bring together world-renowned leaders to collaborate on such important issues that affect us all. There is no better way to address the devastating affect that climate change has on our environment and our economy than by building these partnerships around the globe and influencing the global climate movement," said Governor Schwarzenegger.

Mr. Schwarzenegger has for years worked to bring world leaders together at all levels of government to partner on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create a healthier environment and build green economies. Last year, working together with UN officials he welcomed more than 1,200 attendees from more than 70 states, provinces and countries to the second Governors' Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles.

The past climate summits brought together international leaders committed to reducing greenhouse gases from deforestation, international offset projects and global collaboration with nations such as China, which just launched its first voluntary carbon registry.

The world is now taking notice of the important role for provinces and states in fighting global warming. This year's summit will also provide regional leaders the opportunity to influence the position of their national governments in advance of the United Nations COP 16 in Cancun in December.

Additional information on the events at the Governors' Global Climate Summit 3, including media credentialing information, is available at For more information and registration, visit the website or contact

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