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Building resilience
to climate change
Moving towards
low carbon societies
Reducing Emissions
from Deforestation
and forest Degradation
New finance models
for the green economy


UNEP collaborates with many partners to strengthen the ability of individuals, organizations and countries to combat climate change.

UNEP Centers

A UNEP collaborating center, GRID-Arendal supports decision making and awareness-raising through environmental information management and assessment, capacity building and outreach.

UNEP Risø Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development
Based in Denmark, the centre supports UNEP in its aim to incorporate environmental aspects into energy planning and policy worldwide.

World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC)
The UNEP-WCMC aims to put authoritative knowledge on biodiversity and climate change at the heart of decision-making, enabling better links between climate and biodiversity policy.

Other Partners

An increasing number of UN agencies are actively engaged in addressing climate change through dedicated and ongoing programmes.  For example, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research runs a Climate Change Programme to boost expertise in the developing world.