Building resilience
to climate change
Moving towards
low carbon societies
Reducing Emissions
from Deforestation
and forest Degradation
New finance models
for the green economy


Blending Climate Finance through National Climate Funds

This guidebook is part of a series of manuals, guidebooks and toolkits that draws upon the experience and information generated by the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) support for climate change adaptation and mitigation projects in some 140 countries over the past decade. These resources are intended to enable project managers, UNDP Country O!ces and developing country government decision-makers to acquaint themselves with a variety of methodologies most appropriate to their development contexts in support of their transition to green, low-emission and climateresilient development.


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Climate and Trade Policies in a Post-2012 WorldClimate and Trade Policies in a Post-2012 World

The publication "Climate and Trade Policies in a Post-2012 World" is the result of a joint effort by UNEP and the ADAM project ("Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: Supporting European Climate Policy"). The publication provides a collection of short forward-thinking articles by leading experts on the relationship between trade and climate change policies. The authors closely examine a number of timely trade and climate change issues, including the potential use of climate-related border adjus ...

Mongolia Assessment Report on Climate Change 2009Mongolia Assessment Report on Climate Change 2009

The Mongolia: Assessment Report on Climate Change 2009 (MARCC 2009) brings together the findings of climate change research in Mongolia for the first time, to raise awareness of decision makers and the general public so that they can develop appropriate responses to the challenges and threats.

Trade and Climate ChangeTrade and Climate Change

The Report aims to improve understanding about the linkages between trade and climate change. It shows that trade intersects with climate change in a multitude of ways. For example,governments may introduce a variety of policies, such as regulatory measures and economic incentives, to address climate change. This complex web of measures may have an impact on international trade and the multilateral trading system. The Report begins with a summary of the current state of scientifi c knowledge o ...

Blue Carbon : The Role of Healthy Oceans in Binding CarbonBlue Carbon : The Role of Healthy Oceans in Binding Carbon

This report explores the potential for mitigating the impacts of climate change by improved management and protection of marine ecosystems and especially the vegetated coastal habitat, or blue carbon sinks. The objective of this report is to highlight the critical role of the oceans and ocean ecosystems in maintaining our climate and in assisting policy makers to mainstream an oceans agenda into national and international climate change initiatives. While emissions’ reductions are currently at ...

Climate Change Science Compendium 2009Climate Change Science Compendium 2009

The Climate Change Science Compendium is a review of some 400 major scientific contributions to our understanding of Earth Systems and climate that have been released through peer-reviewed literature or from research institutions over the last three years, since the close of research for consideration by the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.

Global Green New Deal: An Update for the G20 Pittsburgh SummitGlobal Green New Deal: An Update for the G20 Pittsburgh Summit

The following report (September 2009) summarizes in the introduction the key points of the March 2009 UNEP GGND policy brief and encourages participating governments to renew their pledge to a Global Green New Deal. The remaining part of the report highlights the progress in both green elements of fiscal stimulus packages, including the pace of disbursement, and domestic policy reforms in seven G20 countries: China, France, Germany, United States, Mexico, Republic of Korea, and South Africa. Th ...

Our Planet: Sustainable TransportOur Planet: Sustainable Transport

The United Nations Environment Programme's flagship magazine for environmentally sustainable development.

Vulnerability of people and the environment: challenges and opportunitiesVulnerability of people and the environment: challenges and opportunities

This report concludes the efforts of the Chapter 7 working group that wrote the chapter on "Vulnerability of People and the Environment - Challenges and Opportunities" (UNEP 2007), during the period from 2004 to 2007. It provides an extensive account of the work carried out by the working group in preparing this chapter.

The Dryland Livestock Wildlife Environment Interface Project
The Dryland Livestock Wildlife Environment Interface Project

This project addresses one of the eligible activity within the GEF Operational Programme number 13 on "Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity Important to Agriculture" and also strongly responds to the GEF Operational Program number 15 on "Sustainable Land Management" whose objective is to mitigate the causes and negative impacts of land degradation on the integrity of ecosystems while at the same time improving livelihoods and the economic wellbeing of the people. Both coun ...

Bangkok Assessment Report on Climate ChangeBangkok Assessment Report on Climate Change

This report attempts to explain why and how climate change is affecting Bangkok, while giving some idea of the likely trends that may be expected and what action will have to be taken in order to make the predicted outcomes less severe.

UNEP Environmental Assessment
Expo 2010 Shanghai, ChinaUNEP Environmental Assessment Expo 2010 Shanghai, China

This report is an independent assessment of the environmental initiatives taken by Shanghai in its preparation for the World Exposition in 2010 (Expo 2010) in Shanghai, China. It aims to provide an objective appraisal of the efforts of Shanghai in improving its environmental quality and organizing an environment-friendly Expo. Measures and achievements are documented and analyzed and recommendations are made to assist the Shanghai municipal government to strengthen environmental initiatives for ...