Building resilience
to climate change
Moving towards
low carbon societies
Reducing Emissions
from Deforestation
and forest Degradation
New finance models
for the green economy


Blending Climate Finance through National Climate Funds

This guidebook is part of a series of manuals, guidebooks and toolkits that draws upon the experience and information generated by the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) support for climate change adaptation and mitigation projects in some 140 countries over the past decade. These resources are intended to enable project managers, UNDP Country O!ces and developing country government decision-makers to acquaint themselves with a variety of methodologies most appropriate to their development contexts in support of their transition to green, low-emission and climateresilient development.


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Kenya Atlas of Our Changing EnvironmentKenya Atlas of Our Changing Environment

In the footsteps of One Planet Many People, and Africa: Atlas of Our, this is the newest in a suite of UNEP Atlases that have inspired decision-makers to action through the power of photographs. This Atlas does two unique things: - It assesses Kenya's progress towards its own goals of improving the environment to achieve development goals; and -it delivers a stunning bird's-eye view of environmental change through the use of paired satellite images taken years apart. In the first case, it d ...

UNEP 2008 Annual ReportUNEP 2008 Annual Report

This summary of UNEP's activities in 2008 provides an overview of the organization's contribution to the fight against climate change in a year in which unequivocal evidence established that global warming is the defining challenge of our era. The report also looks at the broad range of other activities carried out by UNEP as it follows its mandate to provide environmental leadership and promote sustainable development.

Tunza Vol. 6 No.4: UNite to combat CLIMATE CHANGE – Paint for the PlanetTunza Vol. 6 No.4: UNite to combat CLIMATE CHANGE – Paint for the Planet

UNEP's magazine for youth.

Our Planet:Green Economy-The New Big DealOur Planet:Green Economy-The New Big Deal

The United Nations Environment Programme's flagship magazine for environmentally sustainable development.

Environment on the Edge 2007/08 
Environment on the Edge 2007/08

Environment on the Edge is a series of lectures given by leading international figures that examine our current relationship with the natural world and discuss what tomorrow might bring.

Energy Efficiency and the Finance SectorEnergy Efficiency and the Finance Sector

The report provides an evidence base on the status quo, the barriers and possible ways forward in the field of energy efficiency finance.

GREEN BREAKTHROUGHS: Solving Environmental Problems Through Innovative Policies and LawGREEN BREAKTHROUGHS: Solving Environmental Problems Through Innovative Policies and Law

This booklet is called Green Breakthroughs because it describes policies and laws that have been used effectively to solve environmental problems. Success stories are drawn from 45 individual countries, as well as from regional groupings such as those in Africa, the Caribbean and Europe, while others involve countries that share major rivers and lakes, or that are joined in common global endeavours. The successes relate to major environmental themes, the issues and challenges of each being expl ...

CDM PDD Guidebook: Navigating the PitfallsCDM PDD Guidebook: Navigating the Pitfalls

This publication provides detailed guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls that CDM project proponents fall into when preparing CDM Project Design Documents, during the implementation of projects and when reporting emission reductions.

Increasing Access to the Carbon MarketIncreasing Access to the Carbon Market

This brochure provides an overview of the UNEP Risoe Centre's Energy and Carbon Finance Program and its activities related to carbon finance and the CDM that help developing countries promote sustainable energy.

Public Venture Capital StudyPublic Venture Capital Study

This report examines the clean energy venture financing landscape, focusing on the role of public sector-sponsored venture capital as a catalyst for private investment, filling funding gaps in the commercialization of clean technologies.

The UNEP-SEFI Public Finance AllianceThe UNEP-SEFI Public Finance Alliance

Prepared in conjunction with the 2008 launch of the SEFI Public Finance Alliance (or “SEF Alliance”), this document supports the establishment of an international platform for managers of public and publicly backed funds dedicated to building sustainable energy markets.