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Knowledge Support and Policy Integration

Knowledge Support and Policy Integration Significant barriers and constraints persist for adaptation efforts in developing countries. Access to relevant knowledge and technical resources, as well as the capacity to utilize these resources on adaptation are some of the most pressing challenges. UNEP works to address these challenges by enhancing the capacity of developing countries to make adaptation decisions that are based on best available knowledge and technical information, strengthening institutional and policy frameworks for adaptation, and supporting countries in integrating adaptation issues into national development planning and legislative processes. These activities build directly on UNEP’s scientific and assessment work.

To improve access to knowledge for adaptation, UNEP works to mobilize existing knowledge and good practices at the global, regional and national levels, including through the Global Adaptation Network (GAN) and its Regional Networks. UNEP also provides capacity building and advisory services to governments and other actors to ensure that the necessary knowledge and technical know-how, as well as the capacity to use them for well-informed decision-making and adaptation action, are available to them.

UNEP engages directly with countries to support them in integrating adaptation into national planning processes. This involves mapping the institutional and political contexts for adaptation planning and mainstreaming, identification of relevant national priority issues and entry points to target dissemination of country-specific evidence based on impact and vulnerability assessments and economic analysis, and capacity building and technical support to integrate adaptation into national planning processes. Gaps in the legislation in terms of adaptation are also identified, and the countries are supported in the development of legislative and regulatory frameworks that comply with the international treaties.

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Adaptation Knowledge Days

Access to relevant and usable knowledge is an important prerequisite for successful and cost-effective climate change adaptation actions. The mobilization and sharing of knowledge and experiences is therefore critical to informing adaptation decision-making, planning and practice.

Mainstreaming Adaptation into Development Planning: A Guide for Practitioners

CC DARE: Climate Change Adaptation and Development Initiative

The CC DARE initiative is jointly implemented by UNEP and UNDP under the one UN Banner. The CC DARE initiative provides timely technical and financial support on demand-driven basis to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Small Island Developing States for flexible and targeted actions to remove barriers and create opportunities for integrating climate change adaptation into national development planning and decision-making frameworks.