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Carbon Benefits



The modelling and projection work builds on more than 15 years of experience at Colorado State University (CSU) of producing carbon inventory tools for the land use sector. It builds on three tools; The Agriculture and Land Use Tool, a national GHG inventory tool; COMET-VR, a web-based tool to determine C stock changes at the field scale; and the GEFSOC System which estimates national and sub-national scale soil C stock changes in developing countries.

This component has produced a modular web-based system that allows users to collate, store, analyze, project and report carbon changes for baseline and project scenarios in a standardized way. A toolkit advisor guides the user to different options of varying complexity depending on the stage of the project and the level of detail required in terms of reporting C benefits.

The tools have been piloted in four existing GEF SLM projects are included in China, Kenya, Niger/Nigeria, and one non GEF project in Brazil. The projects have developed a system that meets their C stock and GHG reporting needs (detailed to broad level).